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About Noreen Baker

Noreen, a neatnik living on an island off the Atlantic coast, has been helping people de-clutter and organize their stuff and lives for over 20 years. Living in a seasonal location provides for a lot of creative thinking in planning living spaces and re-creating lifestyles. Whether its an office, home, boat or tent having "a place for everything and everything in its place" frees us up to give more time for the more important things in our new uncluttered life.

Do You Gazelle?

Open The Window to Spring

It’s Spring! The time when we open the windows and let the fragrant breezes and warm sunshine in!  Here’s 3 quick tips to clearing out the clutter and letting the space fill with nothing but sweetness.

  1. Open the windows and clear out all the musty smell from winter and feel the breeze.
  2. Make a checklist
  3. Tackle One Room per weekend.

Create some space for the breeze to pass through and bring in the brightness of Spring.


  • Open up the cabinets and clear out all those pots and pans that need to be replaced.  You know, the ones that got burned when cooking rice or the ones that can not be thoroughly cleaned.  Then clear out everything else in there and clean away.  It’s good to get a thorough cleaning in and outside the cabinets.
  • Do the same for the refrigerator.  Clear it all out and give it a good washing inside and out.  Check for stuff to be thrown out.
  • Check out the pantry and see if there is any organizing to be done in there.  Clear out any items you think may not get used and organize the pantry for summer use keeping the lemonade pitcher and barbecue sauce handy.

Living Room

  • Take down all the curtains and wash them.
  • Remove all the clutter from winter that needs to have a different home for Spring or Summer.
  • Sort through the books, dvds and magazines.  Throw out or give away any that no longer suit you.
  • Get rid of all those items that gather dust that you do not love.

Shed or Garage

  • Work through the stuff that clutters the garage and give it away.
  • Keep the items you use the most right inside the door for handy access
  • Clear the space near windows so you can open them up in the Spring and Sumer to air it out.
  • Fill the lawnmower with gas and check the oil.
  • Create a space for working with garden supplies, seeds and plants.
  • Straighten out the hoses and get them organized for when you need them.

When you’re done getting your house in order for the new seasons, Spring clean your brain.  De-clutter negative thoughts, chose the good ones.  Make a realistic list of the things you would like to do this summer.  Now, take a hot bath with essential oils, light a few candles and RELAX.