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Seven Tips For Packing Light

1. Make a list: A list will determine what you absolutely need. Checking it off as you pack will eliminate packing too many pairs of socks or the two extra shirts. Decide and pack only what you need for the number of days you will be away.

  • 1 top per day
  • 1 pair of pants/skirt for every 2-3 days
  • 2 pairs of shoes.  One dressy pair if necessary, one comfortable pair for walking.

2. Accessories: I like to bring only one necklace, one pair of earrings and one scarf.  I do not want to risk losing a favorite pair because I left it on the hotel dresser and put another one on.  I also do not want the stress of keeping track of valuable items.  If I do not bring them, I can not lose them.

3.  Toiletries & Medications: I like to travel with a small separate bag (which fits my purse or doubles as my purse) where I place toiletries/medications (in a Ziploc bag), a sweater and socks and a book, cell phone charger, etc.  It’s handy to have these items with you on the plane. Keeping these items separate eliminates the possibility of losing them if your luggage gets lost.

4. Safety and Recycling: Minutes after getting off the plane in Paris, my friend broke his arm as he flung his garment bag over his shoulder.  Remember, there are dry cleaners and laundromats nearly everywhere.  You can also pick up inexpensive toys or beach equipment at a local thrift store and re-cycle the items back when you leave for home.

5.  Start Packing Several Days in Advance: Doing this gives me the opportunity to think and re-think everything I pack.  I usually set the suitcase out 4 or 5 days in advance and throw possibilities in.  I re-pack later making the final decision.

6.  Roll It Up: I find this to be the best way to pack and fit all that I need.  Rolling offers pocket of space for smaller items.

7.  Leave Space: This provides the opportunity to bring gifts or a new outfit home.

Top Three Reasons For Packing Light

  • Carrying a heavy suitcase from house to car, around airports and hotels just isn’t fun.  Remember my friend in Paris.
  • Keeps decision making about outfits to a minimum.
  • I pack and re-pack and still come back having not worn a couple of items.

Enjoy Your Vacation!