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Referring back to the post about divorce and transformation, I think the one thing that makes a relationship work is vulnerability.  It’s also the one part of divorce that makes it so incredibly difficult.  Being vulnerable means being open and loving- it’s the way to live.  It’s about inviting change, jumping into something new and and being okay with feeling uncomfortable.  We are vulnerable with our intimate partners and it’s another type of vulnerability to go through the process of divorce.  It lays it all out on the table, the love, commitment, differences in thinking, the frustrations in the marriage, the differences in how we raise children.  It’s about being kind to yourself and being generous to your soon to be ex-partner.

This quote by Helen Keller says it all:  “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”  Please take a moment to check out this video from the TED Talks series with Bréne Brown on Vulnerability.  It’s about 20 minutes, but worth it.

Gift Giving Made Easy – Buy Local

Does the holiday season put you in constant overdrive and are you feeling overwhelmed?  It’s a fun and crazy time of year.  Catalog shopping is fun, quick, easy and painless.  You can talk to relatives over the phone as you browse an on-line store.  You can each pick out the item of your choice.  How easy is that?

The tough one is the family member or friend that says, “I don’t know what I want?”  I found that to be difficult until I realized you can give that person anything you want.  A Gift Certificate to a local grocery store – nearly everyone wants that these days.  The most exciting gift of all, however, is a handmade gift whether you made it yourself or some one local made it.

The best options for feel good gift giving…

  • Buy local and support an artist close to home
  • Gift Certificates:  Local Winter Farmers’ Market or grocery store
  • A gift certificate to Adult Community Education classes
  • Draw, paint, knit or sew a gift.
  • Buy a gift from Island Grown Initiative.
  • Make them dinner some night.
  • Mix them a CD of your favorite music.
  • Make wreaths or ornaments.
  • Write them a poem…

Special Local and not so local Gifts …   

  • The Island Card for discounts – a must have for every island residents. Our Island Club.
  • Handmade Hat from SBS, locally spun yarn from island sheep, hand knit by islander.
  • Paintings from any of our fantastic artists.  Now showing at W. Tisbury Library is Billy Hoff.
  • New Compilation CD from Joe Keenan arriving soon!
  • Island made jewelry from Jen Jen Jewelry
  • Handmade African jewelry, dolls. Women Waging Peace.
  • Locally made Fuzzy Blue Blanket – an herbaceous floral reminiscent of Martha’s Vineyard summers.
  • Local Artisans have shops on Spring St. and Main St. Vineyard Haven.

What locally made gifts would you like us to know about?

Create Possibility

We often think about clearing clutter, going to the gym, eating healthier, signing up for a class or making a new friend as big steps in improving, simplifying or changing our lives.  They are.  But the most important thing we need to change is our thinking.  Positive thinking and positive choices are the foundation for a satisfying and fulfilling life.

Do we want to meet our dreams or wish them away?

  • We will NEVER get a new job if we do not think we will.
  • We will NEVER meet a new love interest if we think it is impossible to do.
  • We will NEVER buy that new car if we think we will never make enough money.

These are all limiting beliefs we often to say to ourselves and out loud.  They create havoc in our lives.  They bring on the opposite of what we wish.

Our lives will NEVER change for the better if we do not believe they can.

Ask yourself: “What am I saying on a daily basis that would keep me right where I am?  What words do I speak that send out negative and limiting messages about myself?

Kristos, a psychic, healer and medical clairvoyant offers hypnosis cds that stimulate the positive thought process and offer healing.  One of the hypnosis cds offers the mantra “I choose complete health on all levels.”  A broad but clear statement of intention.  The mantras we choose create positive change in our lives.

What’s your mantra going to be?