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Open The Window to Spring

It’s Spring! The time when we open the windows and let the fragrant breezes and warm sunshine in!  Here’s 3 quick tips to clearing out the clutter and letting the space fill with nothing but sweetness.

  1. Open the windows and clear out all the musty smell from winter and feel the breeze.
  2. Make a checklist
  3. Tackle One Room per weekend.

Create some space for the breeze to pass through and bring in the brightness of Spring.


  • Open up the cabinets and clear out all those pots and pans that need to be replaced.  You know, the ones that got burned when cooking rice or the ones that can not be thoroughly cleaned.  Then clear out everything else in there and clean away.  It’s good to get a thorough cleaning in and outside the cabinets.
  • Do the same for the refrigerator.  Clear it all out and give it a good washing inside and out.  Check for stuff to be thrown out.
  • Check out the pantry and see if there is any organizing to be done in there.  Clear out any items you think may not get used and organize the pantry for summer use keeping the lemonade pitcher and barbecue sauce handy.

Living Room

  • Take down all the curtains and wash them.
  • Remove all the clutter from winter that needs to have a different home for Spring or Summer.
  • Sort through the books, dvds and magazines.  Throw out or give away any that no longer suit you.
  • Get rid of all those items that gather dust that you do not love.

Shed or Garage

  • Work through the stuff that clutters the garage and give it away.
  • Keep the items you use the most right inside the door for handy access
  • Clear the space near windows so you can open them up in the Spring and Sumer to air it out.
  • Fill the lawnmower with gas and check the oil.
  • Create a space for working with garden supplies, seeds and plants.
  • Straighten out the hoses and get them organized for when you need them.

When you’re done getting your house in order for the new seasons, Spring clean your brain.  De-clutter negative thoughts, chose the good ones.  Make a realistic list of the things you would like to do this summer.  Now, take a hot bath with essential oils, light a few candles and RELAX.

Closets – Yes You Can

This is a not just a post on clutter clearing.  It’s about why we have busy, cluttered, “I can’t find anything” closets in our bedrooms.  The reasons I hear most often are:

  • “I will wear this someday.”
  • “It was given to me and I want to wear it the next time that person comes over.”
  • “It does not fit now, but it will someday soon.”
  • “It’s going to come back in fashion.”
  • “I am saving it to give to…?”
  • “It costs a lot of $$$ and I can’t throw it out.”

I will wear it someday…the truth is you probably will not.  We only use 20% of what we own and that goes for clothing as well as stuff.  Ask yourself, “Do I really love this and will I love wearing it?”  You may find that in answering this question, the truth is no.

It was given to me and I want to wear it the next time they come over…the truth is most of the time the giver would not even recognize it if we did wear it to show them how much we appreciated the gift.   Some will, most will not.  Don’t hold on to a shirt that you do not like just because “they will appreciate seeing me wear it.” We appreciate each other, the gifts are secondary.

It does not fit now, but it will someday soon…this is a tough one, but really, styles change so much and by the time you lose or gain the weight to wear it again, you will probably not feel the same way about it.  You’ve changed, your perspective has changed, and more than likely your style has changed.

It’s going to come back in fashion…the type of style perhaps, but anything that is a distinct style may not. How long has it been in your closet taking up space? If you are not willing to wear it now, you will probably not wear it when it comes back in fashion.

I am saving it to gift to…? this is the case of something being stored in the wrong place.  If you want to give it away, put it in the car, mailer, box.  Get it on its way.

It costs a lot of $$$ and I can’t throw it out…the truth is:  every time you look at it and think “it was so expensive, I can’t possibly throw it out or give it away”.  I am here to tell you:  YES YOU CAN!  You can sell it at your local consignment store and make some $$$ back on that pricey item.

When organizing your closet, the first step is always to remove those items that are creating the most clutter because they get pushed and thrown, stuffed and placed for years in our closets.  Take notice of those items that are relatively new that get moved around the closet a lot.  Do you really want to keep them?

Clutter Fun?

When I work with clients, I ask a lot of questions.  One time I worked with a man who really did not know where to begin with his clutter.  He had clutter in his office – lots of it and in the office storage area.  So much so that we had to crawl into the space to see it all.  There was a pressing need to use that space to sit down and look at drawings and storage for office supplies.  It was currently being used for storage after a move.  Moving from one house to another without clutter clearing first can be problematic.  In this case, he had already been living part-time in this space and had all the necessary household items.

It takes time, but of course  it is far better to get rid of what you do not need before you move.  Fewer boxes for the moving company to move can save you lots of money and time.  But the big benefit is to arrive at the new place with so much less to deal with.  How many of us take the time to put everything in place the first two weeks we arrive at our new home?  Usually, we do not take enough time to “move in”.  So many times, I am called in to help people organize, set up systems and areas after a move.

When the boxes have been sitting there for months, we can clearly see what we need and do not need.  I’m never going to tell anyone what they need to “throw out”.  What I will ask is: “Do you love this item?  Do you use it regularly?  Can you live with out? I can usually tell what is important to them by the way they answer.

My client with the cluttered office got the de-clutter bug right away.  Sometimes, we just need a little help to get started.  After a slow 2-3 hour process, with questions such as, “what about this, I should keep it right?” I responded, “it looks old, out of shape and dated…”  “I could run it through the dishwasher and paint it?”  “Will you?” “No.”  I could see it was sinking all in.  It was important for him to decide not to keep the item and why.  At that moment, everything changed.  He started picking up item after item and showing me that he was throwing it away.  “Look, I’m throwing this away.”  Not everyone can pick up the clutter fun so quickly, but wouldn’t be fun to try?  See if you can be that detached and or ruthless with the clutter in your space?

Have fun with it.  Enjoy carefree, detached clutter fun!

Create Possibility

We often think about clearing clutter, going to the gym, eating healthier, signing up for a class or making a new friend as big steps in improving, simplifying or changing our lives.  They are.  But the most important thing we need to change is our thinking.  Positive thinking and positive choices are the foundation for a satisfying and fulfilling life.

Do we want to meet our dreams or wish them away?

  • We will NEVER get a new job if we do not think we will.
  • We will NEVER meet a new love interest if we think it is impossible to do.
  • We will NEVER buy that new car if we think we will never make enough money.

These are all limiting beliefs we often to say to ourselves and out loud.  They create havoc in our lives.  They bring on the opposite of what we wish.

Our lives will NEVER change for the better if we do not believe they can.

Ask yourself: “What am I saying on a daily basis that would keep me right where I am?  What words do I speak that send out negative and limiting messages about myself?

Kristos, a psychic, healer and medical clairvoyant offers hypnosis cds that stimulate the positive thought process and offer healing.  One of the hypnosis cds offers the mantra “I choose complete health on all levels.”  A broad but clear statement of intention.  The mantras we choose create positive change in our lives.

What’s your mantra going to be?